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Blog Doodle: The First

By November 12, 2013General

Do you ever get bored at work? Of course we all do. That’s why sometimes to dull the pain of working at a soul crushing job (or a mind-numbing class) we draw something silly to occupy our minds. Recently I was thinking about the old TV show “The Greatest American Hero” and how much I missed it. Sure, we can watch all three seasons on DVD, but those are all the episodes that will ever exist. I know there is a comic, and every few years there is a rumor of an updated TV show or movie, but we’ll never see a new installment of 1980’s William Katt flying through the air. Thinking about the end of FBI agent Bill Maxwell and Ralph’s televised adventures really bummed me out. So for whatever reason, be it nostalgia or boredom, I tired to draw the logo for “The Greatest American Hero.” This is what happened on my first attempt:

Well, it IS an American hero.

Well, it IS an American hero.

When I drew the first picture, I started with the outside of the logo, but quickly realized I was drawing more of an oval than a circle. So I just went with it and doodled Iron Man’s helmet. My second attempt turned out a bit better.

It's natural to have the theme song stuck in your head.

It’s natural to have the theme song stuck in your head.

Are either of these drawings a work of art? Not really, but they’re not meant to be hung in a gallery. They’re just doodles, and they did their job. Drawing them made my day go by a little quicker and they made me feel better.

Do you draw on scraps of paper to kill the monotony of everyday life?  Please share your doodles with us. Contact us on Twitter. We are @ATouchOfCrass. If we like what we see, maybe we will share it on the site.


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