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Gianna Michaels vs. Hocus Pocus

By February 17, 2014March 24th, 2014General

WARNING! This post is NSFW.

In episode 13 we mentioned a couple of videos and we would like to take a few minutes to share them with you. First, Matt mentioned a tit fuck compilation he came across on You can go there and search for “tit fucking lovers compilation,” or you can go to it directly by clicking the following link:

If you are somewhere where you can’t watch four minutes and forty-three seconds of intense tit fucking, but still would like to listen to the song playing during the compilation, check out the video below.

That’s Hocus Pocus by Focus, and the song is absolute madness. I image this song is constantly running through the Joker’s head while he commits his unspeakable criminal acts.

Another victim of progressive rock.

Another victim of progressive rock.

Don’t get me wrong, the clips within the compilation are really hot, but the song is super distracting. How could anyone get in a state of arousal with the constant yodeling? It’s more an exercise in determination than anything.



The other video we mentioned was a part of my month long Gianna Michaels challenge. The challenge states I may only watch material from one adult performer’s catalog while I do my best Clarence Carter impression. However, I raised the bar on myself and used only one clip for the month. That clip can be found here:

If you are curious how I could only use one clip for a month, check out the image below.

This is the least dirty image I could find related to the clip.

This is the least dirty image I could find related to the clip.

I thought the clip was from Brazzers, but I was wrong. If you like the scene with Gianna Michaels and Candace Von you can pick up the DVD it’s from here: It’s always nice to support adult performers whenever it is possible, and they certainly earned their money for this scene.


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