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Naptown Nerd Knows The Walking Dead

By February 10, 2014General

The return of The Walking Dead means the return of people complaining about The Walking Dead. I personally don’t understand why there is so much hate for this show. It’s not like they screwed up the facts about a real life event. We should all just be thankful there is an hour long drama that isn’t about cops, doctors, or lawyers.

Doctor's in a field because... why the fuck not?

Doctor’s in a field because… why the fuck not?

Now, I would like to write you a full critique about the show as well as the fans, but I would be wasting your time. My friend Brandon over at his site, Naptown Nerd, has expressed every feeling I have about those topics better than I could ever hope. He gives wonderful insights about television and has done several retrospectives on movie franchises. Right now he is doing a Robocop retrospective I highly recommend.

If you have a few minutes please check out the link below.


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