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WFTX has Really Funny Reporters

By January 13, 2014General

As we stated in Show #8, local news reporters are the worst. Patrick Nolan and Warren Wright are masters of making your eyes roll. These jokers managed to deliver five chicken puns in in forty seconds. How do they develop this skill? Is there some special broadcasting class that teaches future reporters the art of irritating the audience?

Check out this quote from the story:

“Neighbors say this “gang” of angry birds is led by an ¬†extremely territorial rooster, so the neighborhood is crying foul!”

It’s not just me is it? IS IT? It was always my understanding that a news program should be about the news, not a warm up for a reporter’s appearance at the Laugh Shack.

Check out the link below. I tried to embed the actual video to our site, but I’m still new at blogging and I could not figure it out.


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