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Show #51: Unbreak My Heart

By November 5, 2014December 18th, 2014Shows
Brad Shoemaker

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  • Quirky cutie says:

    I don’t normally do it, but there was one time a dick pic paid off. I do a sexy pic twitter feed and I get those all the time. Most i don’t even look at but one man sent me the picasso of penis photos. It was perfect. the flower box was orderly…the broom handle was pointing to true north… and the clackers were in offensive. We private messaged and I saw enough to believe it was not a fake. I needed to see this adonis dong. We finally met. He flew in and I don’t want to say all but he never purgered himself. So guys, if you are going to send your head shot, make sure it can be in movies.

    Your quirky cutie xxxooo 3====)+< 0:}

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