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Ted Cruz’s Vajankle – ATOC71

By March 25, 2015Shows
Brad Shoemaker

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  • Samsung Hung says:

    After listening to episode 71 of your show I feel I need to come forward. My grandmother was the Asian grandmother with a hungry pussy hole. Grandfather became paralyzed from the waist down from Grandmothers exuberant love making, so she needed to find another avenue to feed her starving inner thigh demon. She joined the site and found it satiated her cravings. I was very proud and supportive of my Grandmother as in my family and culture we are taught to always respect our elders. But the story doesn’t end there. When I was visiting the set one day, one of the other GHPH performers wanted an Asian pool boy to feast on. Before I knew it I was being stripped down, oiled up, and slid under her drooling sarlac. It seemed to blur and was over in an instant, though I later found out it lasted 34 minutes. I enjoyed it and became a performer my self. My name is Sam, but the racist director gave me the name Samsung Hung. I know I have gone on long enough, but I wanted to tell my tale of how intoxicating yet destructive Granny’s Hungry Pussy Hole has been for me. I can no longer get off if I am not over whelmed with the stench of ointment and have cold boney fingers popping while pinching my nipples. If my story can prevent one man from over indulging in the seductive pleasure only a geriatric snatch hatch can give, then I feel my life is not in vain.

    Samuel Samsung Hung

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