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Daily Danza Update

As we mentioned in episode 14, we unearthed what was left of dailydanza.com. Tony Danza’s original blog site is gone, but we were able to find a few artifacts proving it’s existence.

On this level we found some really stupid things from the internet.
On this level we found some really stupid things from the internet.

First up, the video we played during our show. Here we are treated with Tony Danza’s review of The Bachelor finale.

Next, Tony shares the diet secret of… not eating for a while.

Finally, Tony Danza has an axe to grind with J. Crew. He seems to be worried about Malibu turning into Beverly Hills. I guess this is what happens when wealthy people feud with each other.

If you are interested in checking out the dailydanza.com layout check out waybackmachine.org. Although we can never fully experience Danza in his full blog glory talking about T-ball and cobra bags, we can still get a flavor for what his life was like in 2009.