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Pepsi Thinks You are Stupid

By June 5, 2014June 11th, 2014General

As we stated in show 29, Pepsi decided to advertise their new mini can with a commercial that dares you not to jam knitting needles in your ears. Somehow their marketing team managed to put together every overused movie quote in existence, into one minute of promotional tripe. If you wish to take the Pepsi challenge, the commercial is below.

You know what really sucks about this advertisement, other than the overwhelming amount of quotes that no one has genuinely enjoyed in years? The people who came up with this idea thought it was brilliant. They probably thought it was the commercial equivalent of a four quadrant movie. However, at worst it is lazy and at best it is acceptable. This commercial proves there are no more Don Drapers left in advertising, only Lou Averys.



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