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Wet and Reckless is a Movie

By February 4, 2014General

As we stated in episode 11, the porn community has not made a movie called Wet and Reckless. A real opportunity is being missed. I imagine a movie with horny cops pulling over drunk women, and instead of charging the women with a DUI or being wet reckless they have sex in their car, on the officer’s car, in the drunk tank, or an orgy breaks out on a bachelorette party bus. Perhaps they pull over a buzzed Governor’s wife coming home from a gala where the champagne was flowing. She tries to use her influence, but the police officer refuses to give any favors. So she starts to rub the front of his pants and she pulls out her breasts and the rest of the scene writes itself.

This is also a very welcome scenario.

This is also a very welcome scenario.

Instead of this adult fare, we got Wet and Reckless starring Lucas Till (X-Men First Class) and Jason Trost (The FP). The movie looks thrown together, but according to IMBD, the movie was scripted. Well, except for the party scenes where they invaded people’s homes and bothered drunk people on camera. Judging from the trailer, it looks less than watchable.


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