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Our Private Shame in Public

As we talked about it show 46, sometimes you are attracted to someone and you are not particularly proud of it. For Matt, it is the busty model Amy Anderssen. When I asked Matt what about Amy specifically turned him on, he said it was the bimbo factor. He felt like he shouldn’t like her, but he did to a degree. We can all agree she’s not bad looking, however her exaggerated features can make you feel a bit guilty about enjoying her figure. Put simply, she looks like the physical embodiment of photoshopping an image a bit too far.

For your convenience her are a few images of her, but if you would like to see her with even less clothing try here or here.

 Amy White 01amy-anderssen b&w02


discoamyanderssenWonder Amy

I have similar reasons for my erotic shame, Melissa Carey. As I stated in the podcast she seems pretty dumb, and I’m not usually turned on by women who are so slow. She clearly has features listeners will know I’m into, but part of the reason I like her is because she reminds me of a girl I dated briefly. We fooled around here and there, but we never went all the way. Perhaps that’s why I’m so interested in her; she symbolizes the road not traveled.

I also associate her with a fond memory. The first time I watched porn with a girlfriend, Melissa Carey was in it. Understand, I had not shared my interest in pornography with any woman I dated up to this point, so I was a bit anxious. My girlfriend jacked me around and mocked Melissa by giving the same vapid look on her face that Melissa did in the video. Melissa Carey kept obviously looking off camera and acknowledging whoever was directing. Her expression said, “Oh okay. I’m going to suck this guy’s dick now. Thanks for the direction.” Melissa’s naivety lead my then girlfriend to say, “What’s wrong with her?” followed by, “Does that do it for you?” in Melissa’s near-emotionless tone. I ended up turning off the DVD because my girlfriend CLEARLY wasn’t into it, but it’s still a memory I treasure to this day.

If you are looking for a safe for work picture of Melissa, good luck. When you Google her name you’ll mostly get pictures of Melissa Joan Hart and Mariah Carey. If you still want to try to find picture of her, this is the woman you seek.

Melissa Carey bra01
Surprise! There were tits under my shirt!

However, you might be like me and one clothed photo isn’t enough. If you would like to see her in action, check her out here, here, or here.

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