Show #16: Life After Gianna Michaels

Tony Danza’s Life is a Sham | What You Drinkin’? | Life After Gianna Michaels | The Microwave Update | You Sir, Have the Genitals of a Moose | Cullen’s Corner of Rage: The Sexy Finger | TBT: First Live Pair of Floppies : Hentai

Look at Those Cow T**s

Thinking About Hiring a Prostitute | What You Drinkin’? | Songs About Sucking in Life | Joining the NO FAP movement | Cullen Rants “Having Fun Yet” | More Surface More Pain | TBT: Phallic Objects Between a Woman’s Breasts : Least Favorite Fun Bags Term

Show #4 Biggest Cheapest Girl at the End of the Night

We’ve made it 4 episodes deep. We promise, we can go deeper! This week’s edition answers the question about how a spontaneous Circle J*** begins, going to Gay weddings, Uncle FU, and we trudge up some adolescent fantasies. As well as your favorite segments of What you drinkin? and Talkin’ ‘Bout T**s. Also… why does […]

Show #3: Hide Your Children

Happy Hump Day! Do you have a case of the Mondays? Hope not, because this Thanksgiving you should be thankful for another wonderful episode of A Touch of Crass where discussions of needlessly nice dumbasses annoy Cullen with stupid phrases like I’ve posted above. Also discussing WNBA marketing tactics that could really get people talking, […]

The Crass Begins We drink the best thing we may have ever tasted, talk about something sexually related to Star Wars (not the golden bikini), share a story about an almost haunted house, and try to figure how out why people suck at Facebook. It’s the debut episode of “A Touch of Crass” Set the Levels | […]