The Empire Strikes Back Short, Black Angel, is on YouTube

George Lucas wanted a short to play in front of The Empire Strikes Back in the U.K. After reading a script written by Star Wars Set Decorator, Roger Christian, Lucas commissioned the short Black Angel for £25,000. The negatives were lost for years until they were found in 2011 by an archivist at Universal Studios […]

Our Private Shame in Public

As we talked about it show 46, sometimes you are attracted to someone and you are not particularly proud of it. For Matt, it is the busty model Amy Anderssen. When I asked Matt what about Amy specifically turned him on, he said it was the bimbo factor. He felt like he shouldn’t like her, […]

The Anaconda Fart Remix

By now you’ve probably seen Nicki Minaj’s video for Anaconda. While the visuals are rather pleasing, the song itself is a bit of a mess. Don’t get me wrong I can get into a woman singing about her big butt and enjoyment of humping, however it feels like three different songs were just stitched together […]

Beware of Civil Forfeiture

As I mentioned in show #40, the police can pull you over and take your money if they believe it has something to do with illegal activities. Matt’s response to this idea was, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” but it is very real and it is called civil forfeiture. Check out the segment The Daily Show did on it […]

Pepsi Thinks You are Stupid

As we stated in show 29, Pepsi decided to advertise their new mini can with a commercial that dares you not to jam knitting needles in your ears. Somehow their marketing team managed to put together every overused movie quote in existence, into one minute of promotional tripe. If you wish to take the Pepsi […]

Bogus Fortune Cookies

As we stated in show #23, there are a lot of bogus fortune cookies in the world. I’ve never met anyone who writes fortune cookies, but I have a hard time believing it is a difficult line of work. The name of the product dictates your job for goodness sakes. If you can write a […]

Blog Doodle 3: Magic Man

It’s at least as funny as The Family Circus. Do you draw on scraps of paper to kill the monotony of everyday life? Please share your doodles. You can send an email or contact us on Twitter. We are @ATouchOfCrass. If we like what we see, maybe we will share it on the site.

Community in Lego

To help get everyone excited for tonight’s G.I. Joe themed episode of Community, let’s check out another mashup of Greendale’s finest with a different piece of childhood excellence, Legos. Take a few minutes of your day and check out the Tumblr site Community in LEGO. The site creates all of your favorite characters in Lego […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

In show #18 I mentioned my triumph over nature. After conquering a cave I stripped naked, got drunk, and yelled into the woods, “Who do you think you are? I am!” In case you haven’t been on the internet for a couple of years, this phrase comes from professional bowler, Pete Weber. He said this […]

NSFW Video: Denver News Station Airs Penis Live

On a day with news of a heartbreaking helicopter crash in Seattle, a Denver news station, KDVR, shows why it isn’t a good idea to start randomly flipping through pictures on Twitter. While going through the photos of the wreckage on a Twitter account, they showed off the crash, Edward Scissor Hands (which should have […]

Daily Danza Update

As we mentioned in episode 14, we unearthed what was left of Tony Danza’s original blog site is gone, but we were able to find a few artifacts proving it’s existence. First up, the video we played during our show. Here we are treated with Tony Danza’s review of The Bachelor finale. Next, Tony […]

Gianna Michaels vs. Hocus Pocus

WARNING! This post is NSFW. In episode 13 we mentioned a couple of videos and we would like to take a few minutes to share them with you. First, Matt mentioned a tit fuck compilation he came across on You can go there and search for “tit fucking lovers compilation,” or you can go […]

Naptown Nerd Knows The Walking Dead

The return of The Walking Dead means the return of people complaining about The Walking Dead. I personally don’t understand why there is so much hate for this show. It’s not like they screwed up the facts about a real life event. We should all just be thankful there is an hour long drama that […]


WARNING! This post is NSFW. Also, stick around for the video at the bottom of this post. As we mentioned in episode #12, Lazertits is an excellent resource for seeing lasers come out of tits. The frequency of post has slowed down a bit, but after personally talking to Lazertits, I can confirm that a […]

Wet and Reckless is a Movie

As we stated in episode 11, the porn community has not made a movie called Wet and Reckless. A real opportunity is being missed. I imagine a movie with horny cops pulling over drunk women, and instead of charging the women with a DUI or being wet reckless they have sex in their car, on […]

WFTX has Really Funny Reporters

As we stated in Show #8, local news reporters are the worst. Patrick Nolan and Warren Wright are masters of making your eyes roll. These jokers managed to deliver five chicken puns in in forty seconds. How do they develop this skill? Is there some special broadcasting class that teaches future reporters the art of […]

Goodbye Matt Smith

The early 1990’s was when I first came across “Doctor Who.” I found it on a local PBS station while flipping through the channels during a commercial break for “Saturday Night Live.” The first thing I remember was the big, rubbery, pink hand of a Zygon on a spaceship’s control panel. The sight of this […]

The Grossest Gross That Ever Grossed

While I was I at work recently I came up with a doodle idea to add to our ongoing blog doodle series. For no particular reason I decided I wanted to draw a Garbage Pail Kid. Hoping to come up with an original character, the name Marty Mucous sprung into my head. However, I didn’t […]

Nipple Tattoos and The Great American Challenge

WARNING: NSFW IMAGES. Seriously, don’t read this if you are at work. In episode #3 I mentioned heart nipple tattoos and The Great American Challenge. Since Matt was a bit confused as to what I was talking about, I wanted to clarify on our site. This is what I meant by heart nipple tattoos:   […]

Cullen Loves Doctor Who

I haven’t talked about it much on here or on the podcast, but I love “Doctor Who.” “Then why don’t you marry it?” Because this isn’t the 3rd grade, now shut up and let me write. The 50th anniversary of the show is tomorrow and I really wanted to write an in depth analysis of […]

Blog Doodle: The Second

While sorting trough some old papers this week at work, I found some old doodles of mine. After recently seeing “The Hangover”, I could not get Ed Helms singing “Stu’s Song” (The Tiger Song) out of my head. The tinkling of the piano set against the ridiculous lyrics refused to leave my brain. In an […]

Blog Doodle: The First

Do you ever get bored at work? Of course we all do. That’s why sometimes to dull the pain of working at a soul crushing job (or a mind-numbing class) we draw something silly to occupy our minds. Recently I was thinking about the old TV show “The Greatest American Hero” and how much I […]